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Why Choose Us?


Experience, Planning & Coordination  

With our state of the art online planning tools, you can have your event your way with the click of a mouse or even on your mobile device. Our DJ/MCs are experts at what they do and will help coordinate the flow of your event with all your other vendors. They will make sure you know when to do all of your formal dance and specialty events. This makes for a stress-free night so you can enjoy, have fun and celebrate with your family, guests and friends without you having to worry about “what to do next”?


Quality Service & Performance

Entrust your special day to an experienced (All Events) DJ company that offers several exceptionally personalized services at an affordable price. We are family owned and operated company where we treat our customers like royalty. When its a special event and everything must be perfect, choosing your entertainment is one of the most important decisions you'll make.


Appearance, Presentation & Promotion

When we are at your Wedding Reception, your DJ will be neatly groomed and dressed in formal attire (unless you request otherwise). In addition, our sound systems are console encased, clean and neatly set up with no tacky banners, neon signs, or marquees advertising our company name. We do not put business cards or promotional items on your guest tables. Business cards only and are available by request should your guest’s want one.


Excellent Sound & Lighting Systems 

All of our sound systems are very high performance with premium grade components and are specifically designed for wedding receptions. All our sound systems have full range, crystal clear sound and solid bass response. They are motivating on your dance floor while not blowing the ears off of your guests who are visiting; it’s truly the best of both worlds for a wedding. Our lighting systems are a tasteful mix of LED color wash and LED special effect lights that are wedding appropriate and will create the perfect mood on your dance floor.


Informative & Friendly Personal Service

We pride ourselves in excellent personal service, if you read some of our reviews, you will see that our customers concur. My wife and I exclusively take all of our customer’s calls. We are here to assist you by phone Monday through Saturday from 9-6 and rarely will you get a phone recording during these times when you call, but if you do, your call will be promptly returned. We also answer emails 7 days a week so we are always accessible to you and no question is ever too big or too small.


Fair & Real Prices with No Gimmicks

Our prices are exactly the same for everyone depending on the hours you book. NO "up charges", NO "add-ons", NO Worries! The prices we present to you do not change from day to day or from one customer to another. We have never been one to artificially raise our prices just so we can lower them, and you will not find a coupon or “just for you” deal on what we offer anywhere. We are not the lowest cost, nor the highest, but what we give you in quality, experience and service is truly exceptional for the price.


No Pushy Sales Tactics

When you contact us to receive our pricing information, it will be emailed to you within 24 hours or less. From that point forward, we will not call you every other day, or flood you with e-mails pushing you to book our service. We realize that we lose some business because of this, but will only call if you specifically request for us to do so. We very much respect your privacy and ability to choose a DJ without being hounded or pressured. If you would like a consultation call with us, please just let us know and we will be happy to contact you at your convenience.

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